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Iconix Champagne Brackets

Iconix fixed braces deliver comfort and beauty during your fixed treatment, with champagne colored brackets designed to blend perfectly with your teeth, allowing you to be proud of your smile while your teeth are being straightened. They also provide a small and smooth design which makes the brace far more comfortable than your traditional stainless steel fixed brace.

Traditional fixed braces compared to Iconix champagne braces.


There are many reasons to choose Incognito braces:

  • Champagne brackets are suitable for both children and adults.
  • They provide a special low profile and contoured design for maximum comfort during your treatment, allowing your daily duties to continue at ease.
  • Iconix brackets provide the same affect and result as your traditional fixed brace whilst providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Full control provided by your Specialist Orthodontist.

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The Incognito brace - as impressive as your new smile.
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Comfortable, clear and removable.
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Great value alternative to that perfect smile.
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