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If you’re looking for the very latest in invisible dental alignment for you or your children, then we’re pleased to announce that we can provide exactly that.

At Modwena we’re now offering WIN Lingual orthodontic braces to our patients – a fantastic product that represents a real step forward in hidden brace technology. Put simply, WIN Lingual braces are designed to straighten your teeth but without anyone knowing that you’re wearing them. They’re attached behind your teeth to make them difficult to see and the added bonus is that they’re generally more comfortable to wear than traditional braces due to their extremely flat design.

The beauty of these German-engineered braces is that the only person who knows that you are wearing them is you: when you smile, speak and eat no one should really be able to notice them. Provided that your gums and bones are nice and healthy, WIN Lingual braces are suitable for everyone no matter what your age, providing individual solutions to your own individual dental requirements.

Precise, comfortable, invisible

With the WIN system, the individual bracket bodies behind the teeth are perfectly adapted to the tooth shape for maximum effectiveness and comfort. This enables the brace to be extremely flat, making it virtually impossible to see. These smaller and easier to manipulate brackets were developed by Dr. Dirk Wiechmann, a world-renowned orthodontist.

As with all braces, the length of time needed to wear them is dependent on your own individual case. The treatment time for WIN Lingual braces is generally similar to that of traditional braces on the outside of your teeth.

You’ll find that you need to adjust the way you brush your teeth and get used to using floss if that’s not already something that you do. You’ll also need to make small adjustments in regards to what you eat too, but this is entirely normal when it comes to wearing a brace and naturally, the results are worth it! At Modwena Orthodontics we’ll provide you with all the information you need to ensure that you can wear your WIN Lingual braces with maximum comfort and minimum fuss.

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